Have you purchased a home and wanted to customize it to suit your lifestyle or perhaps you have been living in your home for a number of years and wanted to completely change your surroundings without moving? Samrad Renovation is the Lower Mainland complete remodeling specialist you want to hire for this project.

For complete remodeling, we’ll start you by providing consultation with our designers to find out what you don’t like about your current home or apartment, what you do like, and most especially, what you want to change or add.

The remodeling design will flow from room to room. Beginning with the layout, we’ll make your living space smart by making if flow together and make it look and feel specious, comfortable and homey.  Everything is designed to enhance your lifestyle. That’s what a complete remodel entails when you hire Samrad Renovation.

Clients in Lower Mainland love to work with us because of our extensive knowledge and experience. We re-design high-end homes across the area. We are second to none in upscale remodeling. Our remodeling customers know that Samrad Renovation will bring their project to a successful and desired conclusion.

Samrad Renovation experts will oversee your complete remodel and are responsible for everything from getting the initial permits all the way to making sure the inspections go well at completion. Our team will keep you up to date on the progress and answer every question you may have. Remember, we deal with the city as your representative. Samrad Renovation made its reputation on attention to detail. When you see the work of our craftsmen, you’ll know why that’s true. Each one is an artisan in their own right. Years of experience coupled with a dedication to serving our clientele has truly enhanced our reputation and makes us strive that much harder.

Our craftsmen have the skills and expertise needed to take care of every detail and nuance associated with your complete remodel. We will see into it so your project is completed in the timeliest fashion possible. Our crew keeps the work site clean. You won’t have to lift a finger cleaning up. We also respect the fact that you live there while the project is ongoing.

Full Renovation

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Before Image After Image

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